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2009 and a new me

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Today was my first day at the gym in over a year, in fact since before M was born. It was nice to see some old welcoming faces and it was good to get back into it. I feel great and have lots of energy, which I don’t think is related to my (so far) four espressos.

In the Guardian at the weekend there was an article about how New Year resolutions are fairly pointless and we should concentrate on asking ourselves how we want to change our lives. I rather like resolutions and see them as simple goals on my way to changing my life. So here are mine for 2009 and beyond:

  1. Drink less. I know everyone says this but I do drink a lot due to stress and also because I’m a bit shy in social situations. This had lead me to making a bit of a fool of myself too many times this year. I don’t want to be a pub bore/idiot anymore so I’ll be limiting my drinking. I’ve tried to come up with a target but I think if I break it (for example after a bad day) the whole thing will fall apart. Hopefully I’ll be able to cut down in a better way than Paul Calf: “no more spirits… during the week”. Cutting down is a good thing and will help achieve resolutions number two and three.
  2. Be more healthy. Again nothing new here but no exercise, lots of coffee, lots of stress, long working hours and too many cakes have made me look haggered. Now that I’m getting older, I don’t really want to think too hard about how this lifestyle could effect my health later on. Now is the time to do something about it.
  3. Work less. Or at least work smarter.I want to be more organised,stop drifting from project to project and being easily distracted.
  4. Overall I want to be a nicer person. I’ve become quite grumpy and developed a short temper, which has meant being a bit angry with the kids. I’m not sure why this is as I used to be a really easy-going person. I realise this is tied-up with stress but I need to be aware of it and be on top of it. I’ve been surprised at how effective Kalms have been but I need to be able control being nice, rather than rely on a pill.
  5. Have more sex. I once saw a programme where John Betjeman was interviewed when he was an old man. Asked what were his regrets he said simply: “Well, I haven’t had enough sex”. Does anyone ever think they’ve had too much sex? Enough said on this one.
  6. Be more organised. I drift too easily when working, clicking one blog post to another and before I know it I’ve lost half and hour. Tidy desk = tidy mind and so I want to keep on top of clutter. Remember the milk has been indispensable recently and I want to take organisation to the next level.
  7. Get a new keyboard with an effing working spacebar. Note to self: don’t dismantle your keyboard again no matter how dirty it is.