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A re-cap

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Well it has been a while since I’ve written anything and that is because it has been a bit of a hectic six months or so. The extension of our house has been all consuming. Not as stressful as I feared but builders, plaster dust and power tools all over the house has been enough to deal with. Researching fixtures and fittings and keeping on top of things has been surprisingly time-consuming, It is finally finished though and looks great.

Also I‘d lost interest in blogging and I couldn’t think of anything interesting to write. Then I read a post by Citizensheep which made me realsie that blogging doesn’t have to be interesting (the Citizensheep post was interesting though!). So here I go writing un-interesting blog posts again.

As a bit of a re-cap, I thought I’d have a look at my resolutions for last year and see how I got on. I suspect I haven’t faired very well. Here they are:

  1. Drink less. Well I have done OK on this one. Christmas has been a bit of a wine tasting festival though. I’m now alcohol free during the week, on 1.5 litres of water a day and things are looking good.
  2. Be more healthy. Another positive: I’ve started doing weights every week night after Holly said I looked like an old man gone to seed. And she was right. The weights are starting to show results and I’m enjoying the 30 minutes I have to myself to catch up with some exercise recorded TV that otherwise I would never catch up with.
  3. Work less. Or at least work smarter. I’m getting there with this one. I’m not working such long or late hours but I do tend to lose it all if I get quite busy. I must get my GTK routine sorted out.
  4. Overall I want to be a nicer person. Probably a cross for this one. Being more healthy and drinking more water has seemed to make me a little less stressed. More improvement needed though.
  5. Have more sex. I still think this should be on everyone’s list and this is another ‘yes’.
  6. Be more organised. Yes and no. I need to concentrate on being organised when I need to be more organised.
  7. Get a new keyboard. Yes, in fact I had to by a whole new Mac thanks to my OS X 10,.5.7 upgrade debacle.