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All about me


Dave McCourt is me, Dave McCourt. I was born in 1973 and grew up in the sunny northern town of Skelmersdale.

My early teens had some eventful years including breaking my clavicle, being knocked off my bike by a car and being at the Hillsborough disaster. Life settled down a bit after that and I studied hard and passed my GCSEs and A-levels. I was the first person in my family to gain a place at university which was a big deal to someone like me who grew up on a council estate.

I went to the University of Reading to study Typography and Graphic communication. I graduated in 1996 and went to work in London for a book publisher that produced gardening books and also rather oddly, The Joy of Sex. After a year or so there I joined a small design agency where I learned a lot about working with clients and design production. However I felt deflated with working for city clients producing work they didn’t really need – there was no real problem solving or purpose to what I was doing. So I applied for a design job with the charity ActionAid to try and do some good with my skills. I worked there for a few years before setting up Bananadesign Ltd (a small graphic/web design company based on ethical values) in 2000 with my partner Holly. In 2003 we moved to Mid Wales into a converted funicular railway station.

Some possibly interesting things about me:

  • I’m 1.85m tall and a bit too skinny. I’ve always struggled to put on weight, despite eating a lot of chocolate.
  • I have monocular vision (I only use one eye at any one time; both are fine but my right eye is stronger). I only found this out recently after an eye test – I’d never noticed it in all my life as it has never caused me any trouble. Apparently birds and most lizards have monocular vision.
  • I’ve got two children: Z and M a dog called Hector and a cat called Pendy.
  • My favourite colour is fuschia.
  • I love coffee and chocolate.
  • I occassionally dye my hair funny colours.
  • I’m a bit of a geek.
  • I’ve learned a bit of Swedish and Italian but I’m not any good at either of them (to my great regret).
  • The photo above was taken by my mum when I was four. She had to get her friend Mary to roll around on the floor to make me laugh. I can still remember it being taken.

About this site

This site is built using WordPress and HTML5 bolierplate (yeah I know lots of people think it’s bloated but it is a great way to learn). The site is responsive and so should look OK on tablets and smartphones. The theme is one I crafted myself. The code was written in Coda and uploaded by the excellent YummyFTP whilst listening to music via Deezer and drinking Cafedirect coffee. All done on an iMac. So now you know.