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May 2019

Remove WordPress admin bar CSS

May 2018

Strip spaces in WordPress

July 2017

Front-end media uploads in WordPress

June 2016

Using HTTPS with WordPress and CloudFlare

November 2015

WordPress uploads htaccess

WordPress root htaccess

July 2015

Moving WordPress: update URLs in database

Send admin email on user update

June 2015

Essential WordPress plugins

WP User filtering

Setting last login times for WordPress users

Meta query between two dates

August 2014

Git basics

April 2014


WordPress site launch checklist

March 2014

jQuery drop down menu with click and touchstart

January 2014

Happy 30th birthday Mac

November 2013

An open letter to Carl Sargeant

July 2013

Choosing a secure password strategy

June 2013

Response to pro-spec blog post

March 2013

Leighton Mega Diary

January 2013

Cycling in Zeeland

October 2011

Steve Jobs and me

October 2010

Goodbye Mabel

July 2010

The long term future of design

June 2010

Another England exit

Garden visitors

May 2010

My ethical choices

Keeping design dark

Vote for me

March 2010

Recycling misleading garlic bread

Well, it looked OK on screen…

3 (UK) on my iPhone

Inspiration times ten

January 2010

A re-cap

July 2009

Why free-pitching is bad for clients

The man who doesn’t blink

June 2009

Missing Mabel

April 2009

Battery farming and free-pitching

Natrix natrix excitement

Graphic design and ethics: a new relationship?

February 2009

Love and hate

In the door and out of the window

January 2009

2009 and a new me

Some things from 2008

December 2008

Baby wee

35 and counting

November 2008

The Old Cable House on TV!

It’s alive…