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In the door and out of the window

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So what a couple of weeks it has been. Poor little M had her right index finger severed off (well 9 tenths off) after Z accidentally closed the back door on her hand. Blood, tears, chaos and ambulance trip to hospital ensued. I won’t forget her screams and tears in a long time, nor her white face when she fell into shock. Apart from the understandable initial agony she has barely made a noise about it since. She really is incredible and has been quite an inspiration to me; even though she is only 15 months old, she has always been one to just get on with things.

Lots of tears from me on the way to the hospital which Z couldn’t understand. You have to admire toddlers care-free view of the world. In A & E I held M’s finger together while several nurses, then doctors, then registrars ummmed and ahhhed about what to do. An X-ray revealed that amazingly the bone hadn’t been broken despite the cut being right at the bottom of her finger. I suppose because baby fingers are so supple. As M had had breakfast we had to wait for six hours to stop the risk of her vomiting under anaesthetic. Waiting for the operation wasn’t nice; Holly and I were obviously anxious and we had to wait on the children’s ward. It’s probably one of the saddest places I can think of.

I wasn’t overly worried about the operation as the registrar had been quite positive, the main concern was whether the end had a good enough blood supply. It looked pinkish to me but the feeling was it might need to cut open and stitched to her hand. A bit freak-show but it sounded like the best thing. Later that day M was prepped for surgery and Holly went with her for the anaesthetic (only one parent allowed). It was along wait for me, apparently they couldn’t find a vein and had to use a mask, something which frightened M a lot. Holly came back in tears and we waited for an hour or so until she was brought back to the ward cuddling a nurse. She started crying when she saw us both but a quick feed from mum and  she drifted off to sleep. A fraught and painful day for all involved.

It’s now almost three weeks after the accident and M’s finger seems to be on the mend. She’s had her dressing replaced at the hospital and the feeling is, the finger is doing well. The nail, or what was left of it will fall off and has gone black.

With the stress of that came the stress of working hard. I had to get a site up and running in three weeks, which normally would have taken three months. It was for an EU vote and so couldn’t be delayed. Twelve hour days for three weeks has meant my New Year resolutions for working less, having less stress in my life and drinking less have all gone out of the window.

Perhaps my New Year can start in March afresh. 2009 so far has been a bit of a nightmare.