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Love and hate

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Here are some things that are really annoying me at the moment:

  1. Incompetence: there seems to be incompetence everywhere, I do wonder how some people get and keep jobs. Few people seem to take pride in what they do and this has lead to an ‘off my desk’ attitude.
  2. Not having a working spacebar on my keyboard.
  3. Untidyness: I really need a day to clean up but I keep getting chased for ‘urgent’ work.
  4. Everything being ‘urgent’: this is result of point one. Plan? Timetable? Some thought? You must be joking.
  5. Being ignored: why do clients use me as a designer if they’re not prepared to listen to what I say? I advised a client about the correct use of capitals, Rather Than Capitalising Stuff for no Good Reason. ‘Thanks for that’ was the response but the pointless caps are still in the proof. I think this over-riding my advice for no justifiable reason is really beginning to irritate me.

And here are some things I’m really enjoying as well (I am a balanced person after all):

  1. Lovely crisp, bright cold spring mornings.
  2. Z and M; they’re both fun, challenging, loving and energetic. I love their excitement and curiousity and sense of humour.
  3. Twitter: I know I’m late to the game with this one and I couldn’t see the point of it. Now I think it’s a great, fun way to keep in touch with people and record the little things that happen (I’ve tried to avoid the ‘I had toast for breakfast’ type posts!).
  4. Holly; she is back on track after post-natal depression and is looking great.
  5. Our house; we’re at last beginning to get straight and get some things (like the bathroom and extension) sorted.