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The Old Cable House on TV!

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Yesterday our house was on TV! Hidden Histories was shown on BBC Wales telling the story of the Leighton Estate, a state-of-the-art farm on the Welsh border built around 1850 by John Naylor, a wealthy Liverpool banker.

Our house, The Old Cable House, was a station for a funicular railway that went from the Leighton Estate farm buildings below, to the Upper Cable House at the top of the hill. Built in 1850 it was incredibly advanced, using water-power to pull the rail cars up and down. There is some debate about what it was used for: some say it was initially used by Naylor to charm ladies on the way up to the summer house for afternoon tea, and later to transport manure from the farm to a storage tank at the top.

It seems an incredibly expensive way to move poo around a farm but Naylor certainly had plenty of money, as evidenced by the lavish and bonkers Poultry House he built for his daughter.

It was built for her fowl collection of domestic and exotic birds. It has stained glass windows and is very ornate.

I remember the people in red coats and the film crew outside our house about a year ago. It is strange living somewhere where people come to look at you; it feels a bit like living in a zoo.